Market Overview:  Lake Havasu

Market Overview

Colorado River, AZ, CA, NV Tri State Area

The community first started as an Army Air Corps rest camp during World War II on the shores of Lake Havasu. In 1958, Robert P. McCulloch purchased 3,353 acres (13.57 km2) of property on the east side of Lake Havasu. After four years of planning, McCulloch Properties acquired another 13,000 acres of federal land in the surrounding area. Lake Havasu City was established on September 30, 1963.

A tourist attraction in Lake Havasu City is the London Bridge, which crosses a 930 ft long man-made canal that leads from Lake Havasu to Thompson Bay (also on the Colorado River). It was bought for US $2.5 million from the City of London when the bridge was replaced in 1968. The bridge was disassembled, and the marked stones were shipped to Lake Havasu City and reassembled for another US $7 million. It opened on October 5, 1971.